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this is what I do:

I'm a dedicated and (mostly) peaceful woman, who loves nature and her people. Especially children can catch my heart easily by their purity. They are my inspiring muppets and mirrors. I try to take care of them by listening to them truly with empathy, presence and unconditionality. I'm a fan of natural parenthood and love to read and write about that. The world can be saved a bit by more conciousness about parenting, so I do my best to contribute.


The world can also be saved a tad by getting a small(er) footprint on this sacred Earth. So I recently started living in an eco-community. Especially for my kids; they deserve more then just their parents, we are great but not perfect. My other discrete contribution.


I studied Drama therapy and I am also a Biodanza facilitator and give Bars-sessions, both help me to invite people to reach their full potential. Next to that I am a model and actress, but hey, I take that for granted. Only call me for something saucy. Please keep in mind: I’m perfect in my imperfection.

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